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A small eel.165 viewsA small eel scurrying by as I walked along the beach at low tide.
Crab on the beach109 viewsA lunch munchy to others.
Full moon over supply114 views
Another full moon92 views
Rusty junk94 viewsThis is rusty engines, and parts, and stuff that were pushed into the ocean along one part of the shore. As far as I know this was left over, worn out equipment from WWII.
Huge old rusty chain116 viewsThis huge old rusty chain is embedded in the debris at the edge of the island. I assume it was a part of the equipment that was left over from WWII. Or, it could just be left over from the industrialization of portions of the island after the war.
Benches at north point116 viewsThese benches are at the north point on the east side of the boomerang along the perimeter road.
Huge concrete blocks along the shore112 viewsI don't know the story behind these blocks that are placed at the edge of the shore near the area where a lot of rusty old junk was pushed into the sea.
Marooned sea creature113 viewsThis little guy, about the size of a tennis ball, had been washed up on the beach. Looking closely around him you can see clear, brown, and green glass bits that have been polished and rounded by the constant churning of the waves on the shore.
Oddity along the shore.95 viewsI walked through a clearing in the brush heading toward the area with the 4 big concrete block things, and this airplane wheel wasn't there. The next time I walked in, it was there. The last time I walked in there. It was gone.
A crab.98 views
The 'business' area of the lagoon. 1117 views
The 'business' area of the lagoon. 2110 views
Another of the Emon beach shots99 views
A tiny cone shell along the beach89 viewsThere are a lot of these laying around. Gotta watch your step.
Misc. stuff on the beach97 viewsAnother cone shell in the midst of this debris.
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